New Release Roundup 17th Nov 17

The Voques – Easier Said Than Done: The new single from Scunthorpe based band The Voques is a catchy, upbeat indie rock single in a similar vein to Circa Waves and The Sherlocks. Very nice. 80%

Sunflower Bean – I Was A Fool: A great new single from Sunflower Bean with some serious Fleetwod Mac vibes. The vocals from both Julia and Nick bring through a lot of personality to the track. 85%

N.E.R.D and Rihanna – Lemon: Pharrell, Chad and Shay are back with a new track featuring Rihanna. It’s pretty much what you would expect, but top verses from P and Rih make this a good comeback single. 75%

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – It’s a Beautiful World: Unfortunately another boring song taken from Noel’s upcoming album ‘Who Built The Moon’. If you listen closely, you can hear the scissors. 50%

Tame Impala – List Of People (To Try And Forget About): This track is taken from a deluxe edition of 2015’s Currents. This extra track being as good as it is is a testament to just how high quality the original album was. 90%

U2 – The Blackout: A punchy new single from U2, with a very ‘U2’ sounding chorus. Fair enough. 70%

Taylor Swift – Reputation: The new album from Taylor Swift is by far the worst thing she has ever done. The singles leading up to the album weren’t great but at least they were interesting. Most tracks on the album are just flat, boring and forgettable, with the production on most songs sounding rushed and unimaginative. 25%


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