Kali Uchis – Isolation Review

While the debut album from Colombia-American artist Kali Uchis boasts many impressive features from the likes of Tyler The Creator, Damon Albarn & Jorja Smith, it’s Kali’s vision that shines through.

The singles leading up to the album’s release, like ‘After The Storm’ and ‘Tyrant’ were all brilliant, with each of them having distinct different vibes while still showcasing Kali’s charm. This quality and variety carries through the whole project.

Standout tracks like the irresistibly groovy ‘Your Teeth In My Neck’ and the upbeat Gorillaz-esque ‘In My Dreams’ further showcase her incredible songwriting ability and just how good a performer she is.

Yet another effortless genre-hop comes in the form of the Tame Impala collab ‘Tomorrow’. There isn’t a single track that feels forced or out of place on in the tracklist. Every feature actually adds something to their track rather than just being there for the sake of it.

This debut album proves that Kali is here to stay, and we should all just embrace it.





New Release Roundup 23/3/18

David Guetta & Sia – Flames: A more groove-led instrumental from DG here than usual, and Sia’s vocals fit the track very well. Really catchy track that very much is an end of credits song for a teen action movie. 70%

Snow Patrol – Don’t Give In: This sound doesn’t appeal to me at all. It sounds like Gary and co have just copied that folk-pop Lumineers sound that was popular in 2015 but with less emotion. 30%

Shawn Mendes – In My Blood: Sounds like an Ed Sheeran song but not as annoying and Shawn sounds like he can actually belt out a tune. Fair enough really all the best to him. 70%

The Vaccines – Your Love Is My Favourite Band: A really poppy, up-tempo track from the Vaccines, with an annoyingly catchy synth riff. ‘Combat Sports’ so far is The Vaccines at their best. 80%


Let’s Eat Grandma – Falling Into Me: Another great, weird pop single from Let’s Eat Grandma. The amazing production and a beautiful, jittery instrumental really make this track, and the way it builds up and develops at the end really make this special. 91%

New Release Roundup 16/3/18

Emma Blackery – Dirt: A fun, bright, catchy pop track from Emma with echoes of Halsey and T.Swift whilst still maintaining her own personality, and her voice sounds the best it has on any of her songs to date. Great production on the track too! 80%

Sunflower Bean – Human For: Yet another teaser track for upcoming album TwentyTwo in Blue, ‘Human For’ is an upbeat, pounding rock track full of personality. The more you listen to it the more complex you realise the layered instrumentals are. Very excited for the album now. 92%

Q Tip & Demi Lovato – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart: If this is what the rest of this tribute album to Elton John is going to sound like then I am not interested at all. It’s sounding so hard to be different to the original it just comes across as forced.ย 20%

Louisa ft. 2 Chainz – YES: This sounds like a mid-charting Little Mix Single, especially because Louisa’s vocals are so multi-tracked here it sounds like a girl group are performing. The standard pop feature verse from 2 Chainz doesn’t really add anything to it either. 40%

Courtney Barnett – Need A Little Time: A really nice, insightful track from Courtney, almost a ballad but not too over the top. nice. 80%

Sigrid – Raw: The absolute banger that is Strangers was always going to be difficult to follow up, and with Raw, Sigrid takes it in a much calmer direction. Despite Sigrid’s appealing voice, unfortunately for me it is a fairly forgettable track. 50%



New Release Roundup 3/3/18

Everything Everything – Breadwinner: A new single from EE taken from their ‘A Deeper Sea’ EP. As per usual, it’s very good. 85%

Blossoms – I Can’t Stand It: The first track from Blossoms’ upcoming 2nd album. It sounds very much like Blossoms, but it does sound like they have progressed a bit from their debut, with more layered production and synth sounds. 80%

Peace – Power: With this new single, Peace are very much going for a big, advert friendly hit. Bit of a banger though. 75%

Little Dragon – Best Friends: A brilliant new single from Little Dragon. The off kilter, unique instrumental compliments Yukimi’s voice almost perfectly. Great melodies throughout too. Best thing they’ve put out in a while. 92%

Amber Mark – Love Me Right: A nice single from Amber here from an upcoming EP, again her voice is amazing and really helps carry the track. Unfortunately for me it isn’t as exciting as her previous releases, but it’s still pretty goood. 70%

Chvrches ft. Matt Berninger – My Enemy: The second single from Chvrches’ upcoming Love is Dead album is a slow, pulsing ballad that instrumentally wouldn’t be out of place on their debut, but the production on the track sounds a lot cleaner. Matt from The National works really well here too. 90%

DJ Khaled, Jay Z, Future, Beyonce – Top Off: Future’s opening verse is quite annoying but the rest of the track is pretty fun, with Jay still managing to pull a good verse together. Beyonce’s bit is a bit offย  and seems very forced though. 60%

Tom Misch, De La Soul – It Runs Through Me: A nice, peaceful cut from Tom. His vocals are as smooth as ever. De La Soul work extremely well on the track, managing to match the vibe of the song while still maintaining their personality. 90%



New Release Roundup 23/2/18

Janelle Monae – Make Me Feel: Instantly one of the best pop tracks I’ve heard this yearย  in a long time. Amazing production. 97%

Father John Misty – Mr. Tillman: A funny, upbeat new single from FJM told from the perspective of a hotel employee. 92%

Sunflower Bean – Twentytwo: Another great single from the upcoming ‘Twentytwo in Blue’ album from Sunflower Bean, this being the most emotional of the tracks released so far, with a great vocal from Julia. 90%

Superorganism – Reflections on The Screen: This new single from Superorganism is a slower, groovier track than their previous picks from their upcoming debut album. Not as instant as their other tracks, but it’s good to know they can do slower jams. 80%

Our Girl – Our Girl: A great indie rock song from Our Girl with a shoegazey tinge. Very nice. 80%

5 Seconds Of Summer – Want You Back: The American Busted are back, and have even less personality than they did the first time around, with ‘Want You Back’ sounding like a bad Maroon 5 track. 20%

Little Dragon – Sway Daisy: A nice, building, atmospheric track from Yukimi and co that would work very nicely on a moody film trailer. 82%