New Release Roundup 23/2/18

Janelle Monae – Make Me Feel: Instantly one of the best pop tracks I’ve heard this year  in a long time. Amazing production. 97%

Father John Misty – Mr. Tillman: A funny, upbeat new single from FJM told from the perspective of a hotel employee. 92%

Sunflower Bean – Twentytwo: Another great single from the upcoming ‘Twentytwo in Blue’ album from Sunflower Bean, this being the most emotional of the tracks released so far, with a great vocal from Julia. 90%

Superorganism – Reflections on The Screen: This new single from Superorganism is a slower, groovier track than their previous picks from their upcoming debut album. Not as instant as their other tracks, but it’s good to know they can do slower jams. 80%

Our Girl – Our Girl: A great indie rock song from Our Girl with a shoegazey tinge. Very nice. 80%

5 Seconds Of Summer – Want You Back: The American Busted are back, and have even less personality than they did the first time around, with ‘Want You Back’ sounding like a bad Maroon 5 track. 20%

Little Dragon – Sway Daisy: A nice, building, atmospheric track from Yukimi and co that would work very nicely on a moody film trailer. 82%


New Release Roundup 2/2/18

Chvrches – Get Out: Chvrches are back with their first new track since 2015 and it’s a banger. An incredibly catchy chorus and groovy synth hooks are exactly what you’d expect from the Scottish trio, but somehow this track still sounds exciting and new. 93%

Pale Waves – The Tide: This latest single from Pale Waves is apparently one of the earliest tracks they have written. Despite this, ‘The Tide’ still fits in with their recent slew of singles with similar levels of slick production and good songwriting. 85%

Slug – No Heavy Petting:  A brilliantly bizarre track from Slug here, still managing to have an infectious guitar groove alongside unique vocals and spooky sounding synths. Nice. 80%

Mahalia ft. Little Simz – Proud of Me: A fairly simple ballad on paper, ‘Proud of Me’ is made great by the personality in Mahalia’s voice, and as always a verse from Little Simz lifts the track up another level. Very nice. 83%

Gaz Coombes – Deep Pockets: This new single from Gaz plods along nicely. It’s not amazing but it’s definitely not bad. Bit of a grower I think. 70%

The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar – Pray For Me: Another great track to come from the Black Panther soundtrack. Abel and Kendrick’s chemistry has been proved in the past and this is no exception. I really like the little beepy synths on the chorus here. 93%

New Release Roundup 19/1/18

The Orielles – Blue Suitcase (Disco Wrist): Another great, groovy track from The Orielles in the run up to the release of their debut album. Annoyingly catchy too. 85%

Mabel ft. Not3s – Fine Line: A smooth, catchy tune from Mabel, with the feature from Not3s really rounding off the track nicely. 72%

The Decemberists – Severed: An groovy, synth driven comeback track from The Decemberists. A bit different from their usual style, but their charm still shines through. 80%

Gengahr – Before Sunrise: The bubbliest single to come from Gengahr’s upcoming album ‘Where Wildness Grows’ so far, ‘Before Sunrise’ is another great track with a shimmering, catchy guitar hook. 83%

George Ezra – Paradise: A pleasant enough new track from George, very advert friendly and a bit too Mumford for me. 50%

Justin Timberlake – Supplies: A forgettable track from Mr.Timberlake in which he sounds like he says he has some pies. 50%

Troye Sivan – The Good Side: Following on from the pop banger ‘My My My!’, this is the second single from Troye’s upcoming 2nd album. It’s an emotional guitar ballad that wouldn’t sound out of place on Harry Styles’ album.




New Release Roundup 24th November 17

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Who Built The Moon?: The latest album from NG is a big departure from his previous two solo efforts on the surface, but you quickly realise it’s not that out there. Lead single ‘Holy Mountain’ is catchy, but it sounds like a Ricky Martin covering something The Vaccines’ last album. Unfortunately, in my opinion, that is the standout track on the album. It’s A Beautiful World sounds like your standard Noel track but without any of the punchy rock production that made his 1st album so successful. Following that, a long run of forgettable tracks – and that’s it. As you weren’t. 40%

Morrissey – Low in High School: It’s a shame that this album is so poor and obviously fuelled by his personal opinions and general dickery, because his voice is still there and sounds great. No real standout tracks on this album at all, with the lead single ‘Spent The Day In Bed’ becoming more and more irritating every time I hear it. Compared to his briliant ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’ album, this is uninspired and drab. 20%

Craig David & Bastille – I Know You: I wasn’t expecting too much from this, but rather than having a big, cheesy arena-sized banger of a chorus, this track opts for a minimal beat drop. It’s alright to be fair. 66%

One Bit & Noah Cyrus –My Way: A great, fun dance track from elecronic duo One Bit, with Noah Cyrus providing a great vocal performance. Wouldn’t mind this becoming a big hit. 70%

The Orielles – Let Your Dogtooth Grow: Another super track from Halifax indie group The Orielles. Very excited for their debut album now. 85%

Dua Lipa x Initial Talk – New Rules 80s Remix: It was a banger to begin with, but this remix has elevated it to pretty much perfect pop. 80%

Rae Morris – Atletico: A really well produced, catchy pop single from Rae with a v good vocal performance. 75%

New Release Roundup: 20th October 17

MGMT – Little Dark Age:  A great returning single from MGMT, ‘Little Dark Age’ is a dark, groovy electro-pop song that still brings through the quirky personality of the American duo. Perfect for any indie Halloween parties. 90%

Nick J.D. Hodgson – Suitable: ‘Suitable’ is the debut single from ex Kaiser Chief, songwriter and Producer Nick Hodgson, and it’s rather nice; the calm, but very catchy track isn’t likely to leave your head anytime soon. 92%

The Go! Team – Semicircle Song: Another great comeback single! ‘Semicircle Song’ is an upbeat track with a lot of personality – exactly what you would expect from The Go! Team, but in the best possible way. 95%

Gengahr – Mallory: The second single from Gengahr’s upcoming album is showing even more promise for the full length project. 85%

The Surfing Magazines – One of These Days: This is a peaceful, plodding track taken from The Surfing Magazines’ debut album. 70%

Taylor Swift – Gorgeous: This is the worst song so far from Taylor’s upcoming ‘Reputation’ album. The other 2 singles haven’t been great but they at least had a bit of personality about them, even if they were really annoying. This is just a really bland pop track. 30%