New Release Roundup: 10th August 2018

Twenty One Pilots – Levitate: The third track taken from Top’s upcoming ‘Trench’ album signifies the biggest shift in sound from the duo, with a fairly chill, vibey beat underneath Tyler’s rapped verses. It’s a short one too, coming in at just over 2 minutes. 70%

Ray Blk – Run Run: A catchy, thoughtful track from Ray Blk here giving an autobiographical perception of violence and crime in London. A very nicely produced beat and a good, heartfelt vocal performance. 80%

She Drew The Gun – Resister: This is the lead single from She Drew The Gun’s upcoming album ‘Revolution of Mind’ out in October, and it’s a brilliant galloping, groovy rock track. Sick. 90%

Leadley – Like I Did: Pleasantly surprised by this new Leadley track; great vocals from Bethan over a really groovy synth-pop production makes this her best track so far. 80%

Anteros – Call Your Mother: Reaally like this new one from Anteros. With an instantly infectious chorus and the best performance by the band i’ve heard so far, this is by far their best song to date and I’m very excited for what’s next. 94%

Nina Nesbitt – Loyal To Me: This has been in my head since Nina played it at Tramlines a few weeks ago and I’m glad to report it’s still a bop. Hopefully going to be a massive hit for her. 90%

Tkay Maidza ft. Duckwrth – Flexxin: An aaaabsolute banger. Amazing beat, amazing bars from both Tkay and Duckwrth. 93%

Jetta – Fool: A great funky, synth-pop track from Jetta here, with the great production on the track giving off a really rich layered sound without it being too cluttered or messy. Niiice. 80%

L.S.D. – Thunderclouds: L.S.D. is Labrinth, Sia and Diplo. Despite all this great musical power behind the track this one falls a bit flat to me, feeling uninspired and just forgettable. 40%

Maland2016 – M-Sides: A really solid debut release from upcoming Canadian electronic producer Maland2016. A groovy, varied collection of videogame-esque tracks. 80%


New Release Roundup 3rd August 2018

Interpol – Number 10:

Another great track from New York indie legends Interpol. Paul still has it vocally, with his performance here being as strong and emotional as ever. 80%

No Rome – Saint Laurent: A well produced, very pleasant and nicely sung but in my opinion ‘Saint Laurent’ is a bit of a dull and uninspired track here from No Rome. I like the ending though with the nice guitary instrumental. 65%

Robyn – Missing U: I quite like this new song by Robyn but it isnt quite the banger i was expecting. It has a really lovely, twinkly instrumental however and a very good hook. I think its a grower. 65%

Black Honey – Midnight: Midnight is a disco-pop banger done very well. Black Homey’s debut album could be a bit more varied than i had anticipated. Sound of the summer potential. Nice. 80%

Yonaka – Waves: An absolute banger of a song from Yonaka here. A really groovy bassline and pounding drums give the track a dark tinge, with singer Theresa Jarvis’ vocals really pushing the track up another level. 90%

Ten Tonnes – G.I.V.E. – An very, very catchy summery indie-pop cut from Ten Tonnes sounding a bit like The Magic Gang but in a good way. 75%

Neneh Cherry – Kong: With amazing production on this track by 3D of Massive Attack and Four Tet, Neneh has put together a really interesting, brilliant track, with her vocals perfectly complimenting the great, minimalistic instrumental. 95%

Kid Bookie – Shake Up EP: A very solid grime EP from Bookie here, packing so much into a collection of tracks that only lasts about 15 minutes is no small feat? The highlight for me is the emotional, honest ending track. His most cohesive project to date. 80%

Gengahr – Live LP: A great little live album recorded on tour before recording their lastest album, with tracks from that being played for the first time as well as some faves from their debut. Very lovely. 90%

New Release Roundup 14th July 2018

Childish Gambino – Summertime Magic: The first of 2 new tracks from the true Donald isn’t one of his best, but it’s still pretty nice. It just feels a bit flat to me especially compared to the amazing ‘This is America’. 70%

– Feels Like Summer: The second track in DG’s Summer Pack is much better. A real chill bop with great layered instrumentals and vocals that really make for a uniquem but still clearly Childish track. Very nice. 83%

Christine and The Queens – Doesn’t Matter: Another top single from the French pop master here, very groovy and brilliantly produced. A bit more understated and calm than ‘Girlfriend’ but the layered vocals on this track are very tasty. 93%

Ariana Grande – God Is A Woman: Yet another great track from Ariana’s upcoming album Sweetener, although this is the track most similar to her previous releases, Ariana’s vocal performance on this track is amazing and the ending to the track is one of the best i’ve heard in a long time. 85%

Twenty One Pilots – Jumpsuit: I really like this from top. A really dramatic, tense rock song with a nice bassy main riff that manages to pack a punch. It’s nice and varied too, with a quiet emotional bit towards the second half. Their new album could be good. 85%

– Nico and the Niners: This second new track from the edgy duo is a bit more chill than Jumpsuit, with a repeated acoustic guitar refrain use throughout but again it’s catchy and well produced. 80%

Suede – Don’t Be Afraid If Nobody Loves You: Brett Anderson still sounds great on this new track from 90’s faves Suede, with a really powerful hook on the chorus showing off his chops. Great jaggy guitar on the main riff too. This new album could be reallyy nice. 90%

Brockhampton – 1999 Wildfire: Like this new song from the boyband, a really infectious hook on the chorus with decent rap verses from the lads make this full of personality and raises my hopes for their upcoming album. 82%

Kiran Leonard – Paralysed Force: This new track from Kiran sounds like if Mumford and Sons were actually good and had some personality. With a triumphant instrumental break in the middle of the song, this is really very pleasant indeed. 90%

Iggy Azalea ft. Tyga – Kream: This is the worst song Iggy has done to date. It doesn’t even really have the personality that her tracks usually have to set her tracks apart from her contemporaries at all. Bland and forgettable. 20%

Sigrid – Schedules: A nice, upbeat single here from Sigrid the instrumental has a really catchy bassline and chirpy synths that match Sigrid’s great vocal performance on the track. One of her best tracks so far, Schedules proves she isn’t just a one-hit wonder. Excellent. 88%


New Release Roundup 2nd July

YOTA – Drop The Bomb ft. MF Doom: A great debut single from this new group from Gorillaz and Klaxons members, Drop The Bomb has an unavoidable chorus and brilliant production, with great verses throughout from MF Doom. 90%

Moderate Rebels – Beyond Hidden Words: A progressive, well produced track from Moderate Rebels here, with the instrumental backing the repeated spoken vocal phrase slowly developing throughout. Sounds a bit like Baba O’Riley but in a good way. 70%

Pale Waves – Noises: Another great single from Pale Waves, with ‘Noises’ focusing on insecurities over a brilliantly produced synth-pop backing. Great lyrics too, with ‘Heather you’re stupid” really making me giggle. 90%

Jvck James – Fears: A really slick track from Jvck here, delivering a great vocal performance over a really well produced smooth synth backing. veryy nice. 82%

Oscar ft. Sarah Bonito: The first new music from Oscar since his debut album, ‘1UP’ is a fun track about loneliness based on a chip-tune esque beat. Sarah from Kero Kero Bonito really works well with Oscar here. 80%

Fil Bo Riva – Time Is Your Gun: A very pleasant guitar ballad from Fil Bo Riva here, reminding me a bit of Supergrass and early Kings of Leon. Not a bad thing at all. 80%

Lizzo – Boys: This is an absolute banger. 90%


Charli XCX – Focus: A really catchy, well produced dancey track from Charli here, with an annoyingly catchy ‘I just want you to focus on my love’ repeated line throughout. Sick. 82%

No Angel: One of Charli’s best tracks to date, No Angel is an absolute banger with a really catchy chorus and amazing PC Music beats that as they usually do, suit her vocals so well. 91%


New Release Roundup 23rd June 2018


Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj – The Light Is Coming: Another great track from Ariana’s upcoming ‘Sweetener’ that shows she really isn’t messing around on this new project, showing real variation from her previous single. 92%

Years & Years – Palo Santo: This sounds so much like it should be at the end of a Hunger Games movie that I just remembered I never saw the last one. Good track though and Olly’s voice is still nice and it’s a well produced track; I’m glad they haven’t just made another album exactly the same as their first. 70%

Cheat Codes & Little Mix – Only You: When I first heard this I thought it was Zara Larsson which isn’t a bad thing, but it does not reach that Little Mix level of banger that I expect from them. 50%

Our Girl – In My Head: Another great single from Our Girl, with a chill, moody beginning leading up to a great progressive build up towards the end of the track. 83%

Florence and The Machine – Big God: A nice track from Florence with a good vocal performance, but I kept waiting for it to have a big finish or change-up but in the end it fell a bit flat 65%

Paul McCartney – I Don’t Know: The first of two new tracks from Faul here, ‘I Don’t Know’ is a charming, toe-tappy emotional little ballad that shows he can still write a great track. 70%

                                  Come On To Me: The second Macca track is my fave of the two, a real catchy, upbeat track proving he isn’t showing signs of slowing down any time soon. 82%

Estrons – Lilac: More of the same from Estrons, but in a good way. Lilac is a great, fast paced track with a passionate vocal performance. 75%

Girli – Day Month Second: A really well produced, catchy tune from Girli here. A new sound from her but she doesn’t lose her charm and attitude that gained her initial attention. Goooood. 80%


Panic! At The Disco – Pray For The Wicked: This new Panic! album is a nice, clean collection of snazzy emo-pop songs with Brendon Urie’s vocals really shining on a majority of the tracks, most of which could easily be singles.  77%                                    Best Three: High Hopes, One Of The Drunks, The Overpass