New Release Roundup 1/5/18


Courtney Barnett – City Looks Pretty: Another great single from Courtney here, with her usual great lyrics over an upbeat guitar track. Nice. 87%

Plan B – Mercy: A nice, beat driven dancey track from Mr.B here. His vocals still have that charm that made him popular the first time around and I feel this new sound actually fits him quite well. 80%

The Internet – Roll (Burbank Funk): This is a really great, brilliantly produced funky single from The Internet here, with Steve Lacy’s vocals taking centre stage.  91%


Blossoms – Cool Like You: The second album from Stockport indie lads Blossoms is exactly what you expect, but that’s not all bad. Tracks like Unfaithful and There’s A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls) are some of the best indie pop tracks i’ve heard in a while. but some of the tracks fall a bit flat.   Good though. 75%

Janelle Monae – Dirty Computer: As expected, this is pretty good. All the tracks seem different enough stylistically to stand out, but the album still flows really well. Lead single ‘Make Me Feel’ still stands out, but tracks like ‘Take a Byte’ and ‘I Got The Juice’ with Pharrell are excellent too. Very nice. 94%



Venue Talk: Studio Killers on Ruisrock Festival

I spoke to Studio Killers about their favourite live music venue. The European electro-pop trio made up of Cherry, Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink chose the place that they made their live debut, Ruisrock Festival in Finland.

Where is your favourite live venue?

“Ruisrock festival in Finland.”

Why is it your favourite venue?

“We love it so much because it’s located in a beautiful area by the sea. The vibe at the festival is fantastic!”

Who else have you seen perform there?

“We saw Disclosure there in 2015 and thought they were great!”

Have you ever played there yourself?

“Yeah we’ve played there twice before, in 2014 and 2015. The 2014 festival was our first ever live show!”

Festival Facts

  • Ruisrock festival is split into two areas, the beach and the meadow.
  • The Festival was founded in 1970
  • The Clash has their last ever live performance at Ruisrock.
  • This year’s lineup includes Tyler The Creator, First Aid Kit, Skepta, Dua Lipa and N.E.R.D.

Find more information about Ruisrock here:


Everything Everything, Girl Ray & More Contribute to Organ Donor Remix Project

The likes of Everything Everything, Girl Ray and Dutch Uncles have contributed to a database of free remix stems in order to help push for sign-ups to the Organ Donation Register. Approximately 86,000 people across Europe are currently waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. Unfortunately, 16 of them will die today because they won’t find a suitable match in time.

The project is being co-ordinated by Robin Richards of Dutch Uncles, who says “The stems database represents the organ donor register, The ease with which is it to upload a stem to help somebody make a track is representative of how simple it is to sign up to the organ donation register and potentially save a life.”

The website boasts a simple remix programme, allowing for anyone to have a bash at making their own track. Those with more experience can download the stems from this database.


See a full list of contributing artists below, with more to come in the future:

Bossy Love
British Sea Power
C Duncan
Dutch Uncles
Everything Everything                                                                                                                          Girl Ray

Max Cooper

Maxïmo Park

Maxine Peake
Public Service Broadcasting
Stealing Sheep
Sky Larkin
Wild Beasts
Check out for more info and to have a go at making a track.

New Release Roundup 20/4/18


Ariana Grande – No Tears Left To Cry: A great track from Ariana here. As soon as the really infectious beat kicks in after the intro i could tell it was going to be a bop. Ariana’s voice sounds great too here, with the spoken ‘shut your mouth’ refrains adding a real level of personality to the track, and the stronger vocal refrains are also excellent. The instrumental too grows on me with each listen, it’s really well layered with little details that creep in now and again. If the rest of her upcoming album is this good, we’re in for a treat. 96%

Father John Misty

Disappointing Diamonds Are The Rarest of Them All: Another great track from Mr.Misty’s just announced album ‘God’s Favourite Customer’ out on the 1st of June. The usual FJM combination of witty lyrics and intricate melodies is here, and following on from ‘Mr.Tillman’ this is another track that indicates this album will not be as downbeat as Pure Comedy. 80%

Just Dumb Enough To Try: The most stripped back of the tracks we have heard from this new project so far, this song has a beautiful acoustic guitar backing and it really shows off Josh’s voice. 83%

Teleman – Submarine Life: A really groovy, chill instrumental on this new track from Teleman here, again the band have managed to change their sound without losing the charm that they bring into all of their tracks. Great production here from Boxed In too, he seems to work really well with Teleman. 80%

Blossoms – There’s a Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls): This is one of the best tracks Blossoms have released so far. A really catchy hook, chorus and great production make this a great pop track and Tom’s vocals sare very well suited to this production style. Very nice. 85%

Jorja Smith – Blue Lights: Jorja really is one of the best new vocalists in the UK right now, and this track really highlights just how good she is. Nice Dizzee samples near the end too. 80%


Kali Uchis – Isolation Review

While the debut album from Colombia-American artist Kali Uchis boasts many impressive features from the likes of Tyler The Creator, Damon Albarn & Jorja Smith, it’s Kali’s vision that shines through.

The singles leading up to the album’s release, like ‘After The Storm’ and ‘Tyrant’ were all brilliant, with each of them having distinct different vibes while still showcasing Kali’s charm. This quality and variety carries through the whole project.

Standout tracks like the irresistibly groovy ‘Your Teeth In My Neck’ and the upbeat Gorillaz-esque ‘In My Dreams’ further showcase her incredible songwriting ability and just how good a performer she is.

Yet another effortless genre-hop comes in the form of the Tame Impala collab ‘Tomorrow’. There isn’t a single track that feels forced or out of place on in the tracklist. Every feature actually adds something to their track rather than just being there for the sake of it.

This debut album proves that Kali is here to stay, and we should all just embrace it.