Say Hello To: Shibashi

Shibashi are a relatively new band, with only one single out so far, but the experience of it’s members (2/3 of Two Door Cinema Club) make them a force to be reckoned with.

Where did your band name come from?

We’ve always loved Japanese culture and the way the language sounds. We came across a metro stop in Tokyo that had ‘shibashi’ in the name and just loved how it sounded and how it looked written down. It was only after that we discovered it’s a type of tai chi.

If you had to describe your own sound what would you say?

It’s emotional. It’s dance music with a focus on live elements. We like to pick things up and play them and not just have our heads stuck in computer programming.

Who is in the band, and who does what?

Sam, Paddy and Kev. 3 mates, 2 brothers, 1 family. We all do a spot of everything but Sam sings and Paddy produces.

What is your favourite live venue and why?

Shibashi hasn’t made its live debut yet so will have to defer that question for a while…

What is your favourite album released so far this year?

Kiefer – Kickinit Alone

Check out the debut single from Shibashi, titled Salvation, below.


Say Hello To: Marigolds

Marigolds are a 4 piece indie rock band from Norwich consisting of Joe Maguire (Guitar/Vocals), Davey Perkins (Guitar/Vocals), Tom Goulding (Bass) and Owen Fuller (Drums/Vocals) – watch the video for their latest single ‘Chamomile’ below:

I did a quick Q&A with Owen from the band:

What’s the story behind your band name?

There’s a local legend in Norwich about this guy who would stand about directing traffic with a pair of marigold gloves on. Sadly it’s not as interesting as that, just came out from a brain storm and fitted the vibe we were going from. It’s inspiration was from a Promise Ring song.

What is your favourite venue and why?

There’s a place in the city which is an old church, renovated to be a music venue. It’s such a great place to play, the high ceilings and big rooms are such a nice change of pace to the usual cramped walls. Also has some great lighting.

What is the best gig you have had so far?

We supported Spring King (the night after they were on Jools Holland, so we were pretty star struck) and Get Inuit once. It was an insane show and was really humbling to see these guys put on such a great show on the same stage as us, was a sold out venue as well so we’re pretty chuffed with that one.

If you had to describe your own sound what would you say?

It’s like someone shoved indie, surf, emo, and pop punk into a washing machine and let it mix on 40 degrees for 5 hours.

Listen to the band’s ‘Asleep In The Sun’ EP below and follow them on Twitter here.


Quick Questions with Peaness

I gave some quick questions to Jess, bassist/singer in Cheshire indie trio Peaness.

What is your favourite live venue and why?

“My favourite live venue…hmmm…I have a few, but I’ll go with a local venue here in Chester called Telfords Warehouse. It sounds great on stage and out front, all the staff are super nice, they look after you, pay you, feed you, and it’s always full of our buddies. All the bands here in Chester support each other and it’s just a lovely place to hang out together, plus it’s above the canal!”

Are there any venues you would love to play?

“We would have loved to have played The Kazimier in Liverpool before it got knocked down to build stupid flats.”

What was the last album you bought and on what format?

Image result for margaret glaspy emotions and math“It was Margaret Glaspy’s “Emotions and Math” on 12 inch vinyl.”

If you could support any act, who would it be?

“The Beatles 1963 – 1966.”

The closing track on your EP is ‘Ugly Veg’ –  what is the track about? And what are each of your least favourite vegetables?

“Ugly Veg is about how our beautiful planet is dying right before our eyes but no one really seems to be doing anything about it. My least favourite vegetable? I’m really not into sweet corn. Peas and love to all. “

Peaness’ latest EP ‘Are You Sure’ is out now. Watch the video for ‘Same Place’ below:


Caro Quick Questions

I gave Caro some quick questions, watch them play Smorgasbord below:


What is your favourite pre-gig food?

We have a fond memory of when we were in Newcastle and we realized we were meant to be on stage in 5 minutes while we were getting food and had to sprint down the street, Bryn with chunks of fried halloumi in hand, so we’ll go with fried halloumi.

What is the furthest you have travelled to play a gig?

Probably Llanelli in Wales to play at this bar called Mason’s that Bryn frequented growing up.
What would be your dream venue to play?
The Outdoor Theatre at the Esplanade in Singapore
Who would you love to share a bill with?

Neil deGrasse Tyson

What would be the best show you have played so far?

Can I give you a give you a top 3? On Roundhay festival because it was by far the biggest stage we’ve ever played and we got mountains of free food. BBC Introducing gig in the Brudenell because it was amazing playing to play that room with that many people there even though I’d nearly completely lost my voice, and last night with Gengahr in Sheffield cause it was very exciting playing our first gig on our first major tour.

Parekh & Singh Quick Questions

I asked Indian pop duo Parekh & Singh some quick questions.

Consisting of Nischay Parekh who sings, and also plays guitar, keyboards and synths, and Jivraj Singh, who plays drums, drum machines and effects, the duo hail from Koltaka in eastern India.


What is your favourite pre gig food?

Nischay: “My favourite food before a gig would have to be sushi. It’s light and nutritious enough to keep me going but it doesn’t fill you up (it can do if you eat too much of course.) Japanese food is magical and I love how it’s flavours make you feel wiser almost. Strange, but true.”

Jivraj: “I can never eat before a gig. I like to play hungry. It’s probably unwise and unhealthy but I like to feel sharp because it helps me play sharp.”

Where is the furthest you have travelled to play a gig?

Nischay: “There’s a music festival in Rajasthan called called ‘Magnetic Fields’. It feels like an eternity of a drive.

Jivraj: “Magnetic Fields is in a palace in the middle of Rajasthan. Neither Nischay nor I is a good traveller unless we’re driving. We’re both looking forward to taking turns driving a tour car/van/bus.”

Where would be your dream venue to play?

Jivraj:  “Red Rocks because i’ve never played in a venue carved out of the earth. Also I relish the thought of playing in an amphitheatre. It feels more exciting than playing on a high stage and looking down at the audience. In an amphitheatre I really feel that the energy is more focused down onto the stage.”

Nischay : “Sydney Opera House looks very ethereal in the videos. They’ve also been hosting some of my favourite bands in the recent past such as Grizzly Bear. It’s so iconic that it’s an obvious choice for any performer.”

Who would you love to share a bill with? 

Nischay: “Leslie Feist and Caribou.”

Jivraj: “Beck and Bjork. This is a very long list. I could just as easily have said Nine Inch Nails. We’d love to share a bill with all our many heroes because we’re true fans (and students) of music. We also like looking at tech riders, so a side stage view is a geeky treat.”

Where is the best gig that you’ve had so far?

Nischay: “It would have to be a festival in Pune in 2013. NH7 weekender.”

Jivraj: “Our first gig as a duo at the NH7 weekender festival in Bangalore in 2012. It was raw but the promise of it was euphoric. Neither of us really knew how we were going to present the music. We’d only rehearsed for a couple of days. It didn’t really matter though, it just felt like play. I still think that’s the most pure high I’ve felt on stage.

Ocean, the debut album from Parekh & Singh is available on the 28th October from Peacefrog records. You can watch their brilliant video for I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll below: